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A revolution in electric vehicle (EV) mobility
Our mission is simple yet powerful:
To revolutionize EV and Energy mobility by providing fast, reliable, and sustainable emergency energy services, empowering drivers and enterprises to confidently embrace a greener future.
e-CTB(Electric Charging Truck Bed)

The e-CTB turns most trucks with the ability to carry a 750 kilos load or more, into EV emergency charging units.  e-CTBs have the ability to access areas that have very limited space, where e-Tow enabled trucks can't access.  This allows the e-CTB to provide EVs emergency charge in underground parking garages, full parking lots, driveways, apartment complexes, hospitals, etc.  Can also function as a power bank for any energy requiring remote operation.  The e-CTB can charge between 6-10 EVs up to 20-40 miles of range within 10 minutes or give several hours of high demand electricity to remote operations.   

Truckbed AC
e-CTow(Electric Charging Tow Truck)

e-CTow, or "electric charging tow truck” this product is mounted on existing or new tow trucks, and turns them into EV emergency charging centers, giving today's tow truck companies the ability to provide the newest form of roadside assistance required by the EV driving community.  e-CTow, has the ability to give 5-8 EVs up to 20-40 miles of range within 10 minutes.

e-CDPB1(Electric Charging Dolly-Platform Bed)

e-CDPB1, or "electric charging dolly-platform bed", is a platform that can pull with any vehicle capable of towing 500 kilos of weight or more.  This platform is an emergency EV charging platform that can charge between 10-15 EVs stranded on highways, streets, or roads, or be used as on demand energy for high energy requirement situations like constructions projects, remote perimeter security, construction assistance, mining assistance, public safety emergency services, natural disasters, etc.  This platform can be turned into anything you want, from a clinic and rescue center capable of producing water from the air to a remote security land drone that can be operated remotely.  

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