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Electric Charging Dolly-Platform Bed

Our Solutions

Electric Charging Tow Truck
e-CTow(Electric Charging Tow Truck)

Discover e-CTow - our innovative electric charging tow truck that transforms existing and new tow trucks into EV emergency charging centers. A game-changer for roadside assistance, the e-CTow is designed to offer a fast, reliable charge to EVs in need, providing up to 20-40 miles of range within 10 minutes to 5-8 EVs on a single charge.

e-CTB(Electric Charging Truck Bed)

Introducing e-CTB - our state-of-the-art electric charging truck bed. Engineered to retrofit trucks that can carry a 750-kilo load or more, the e-CTB excels in areas where space is limited. From underground parking garages to bustling hospital complexes, e-CTB serves as a beacon of power, providing up to 20-40 miles of range within 10 minutes to 6-10 EVs on a single charge. Additionally, it may function as a power bank for any energy-requiring remote operation.

Electric Charging TruckBed
Electric Charging Dolly-Platform Bed
e-CDPB1(Electric Charging Dolly-Platform Bed)

Explore e-CDPB1 - our versatile electric charging dolly-platform bed. Capable of being towed by any vehicle with a 500-kilo towing capacity or more, the e-CDPB1 brings charging solutions to stranded EVs or Commercial EVs on highways, streets, and roads. This dynamic platform also serves high energy requirements in remote operations such as construction projects, public safety emergency services, and natural disasters. From converting into a clinic and rescue center that can produce water from the air, to transforming into a remote security land drone, the e-CDPB1 redefines adaptability.

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